Extraordinaras panorámicas de las Cataratas de Iguazú

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Per Manuel Vega Velazquez

Pano Tool Wiki

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El wiki que pretende mostrar lo que puedes hacer con el panorama de las herramientas y cómo usarlas de la mejor manera.
El panorama de las herramientas se utilizan principalmente para crear imágenes panorámicas a partir de un conjunto de imágenes superpuestas. La facilidad de uso se extiende más allá de "sólo" panoramas de construcción, con mucho, sin embargo. Puede, por ejemplo, los utilizan para hacer un promedio de varias imágenes para ampliar el rango dinámico de las imágenes o el ruido de la media. También puede crear películas de objetos con ellos, transiciones entre imágenes y mucho más. Ver herramientas panorama aplicaciones para una amplia lista.
Esperamos que encontrarás en esta base de conocimientos útiles e interesantes. Y si usted se siente que falta algo, por favor siéntase libre de añadir su conocimiento. Todas las páginas de este wiki son editables por usted. Deje que el FAQ página te ayudarán en tu camino. Si usted no está de añadir algo a ti mismo, por favor, añadir una descripción de lo que usted piensa que falta a las páginas solicitadas de página, o quizás tan sólo agregar un comentario a un artículo de discusión ficha. Sin embargo, necesita una cuenta y necesita entrada para editar.
Por favor, vea cómo contribuir para más detalles. Hay una lista de artículos que necesitan mejorar .
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The wiki that aims to show you what you can do with the panorama tools and how to use them the best way.

The panorama tools are mainly used to build panoramic images from a set of overlapping images. The usability extends beyond "just" building panoramas by far though. You can, for instance, use them to render an average of multiple images to broaden the dynamic range of the images or average out noise. You can also build object movies with them, morph between images and much more. See panorama tools applications for an extensive list.

We hope you'll find this knowledge base interesting and useful. And if you feel something is missing, please feel free to add your knowledge. All pages on this wiki are editable by you. Let the FAQ page help you on your way. If you are not up to adding something yourself, please add a description of what you think is missing to the requested pages page, or maybe just add a comment to an article's discussion tab. However, you need an account and you need to login to edit.

Please see how to contribute for details. There is a list of articles that need enhancement.

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Summary of the highlights of May

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Per viewAt.org Team

538 new panoramas have been published this month on viewAt.org.
Of which the fived more rated are:

Thanks Jimi Festival, Wroclaw, Poland

by Witold Gidel

On the rocks above the Lago di Garda, Italy

by Heiner Straesser

Barrio de La Rosaleda, Ponferrada

by Henry Alvarez

Protestas en Sol - 15M 2011

by Jorge García de Andoín

Having a Tea with Friends, Uchisar, Turkey

by Heiner Straesser

And the most relevant authors are:

Carlos Anillo
from Logroño, La Rioja, España

Maciej G. Szling
from :> Poland | Nowy Sącz |

Juan Luis Redajo
from La Guardia (Toledo) - Madrid

Soledad Tante Agudo
from Polán (Toledo) ESPAÑA

Heiner Straesser
from Munich/Germany

New features and three new Pro Accounts

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Per Bernard Custard

Today we just presented at Palmela 2011 the viewAt.org new features. Now you can view them. Also all the viewAt.org members that they are registered they will have a discount of -15% of the prices and all the user who attended at Palmela 2011 they will have the same discount.

If you are interested, you only have to send an email to pro@viewat.org asking that you want to buy Pro Account. One last thing, VAT it´s included on the price.

Thanks to everyone, because without your help it would be impossible to do it. Also special thanks to Carlos Chegado and IVRPA ASSOCIATION for the invitation !!




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Per Bernard Custard

The second Epson International Pano Awards is dedicated to the art of panoramic photography. Advances in digital photography and software such as PTGui and Adobe Photoshop has resulted in an explosion in image stitching, especially in the panoramic format. Panoramic film photography also remains alive and well.

The Epson International Pano Awards showcases the work of panoramic photographers worldwide and is the largest and most important competition for panoramic photography.

2011 Major VR / 360 Winner / Ignacio Ferrando, SPAIN. Congrats to Ignacio and all the other photographers !!!. viewAt.org is proud to show a few panoramas of Ignacio and other photographers on our websit

2011 Event Statistics.

Country Participation : 62
Overall Entries : 3,586
Photographers : 985

Gold Awards : 3
Silver Awards : 323
Bronze Awards : 1,961

Final conference speakers list

Publicat el 17/05/11 a la secció de Presentations

Per Bernard Custard

As you can guess by reading the names on this speakers list, all our goals for this conference regarding topics to cover and quality of the speakers where more than achieved, in fact, our goals where all surpassed by a great margin. These speakers are fantastically talented members of the panoramic community that kindly decided to share some of that talent with Palmela 2011 attendees. The IVRPA sincerely thanks them for this opportunity.

This summer Palmela, Portugal, will be the world capital of panoramic photography.

It is going to be amazing!

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