Summary of the highlights of February

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New! Create on virtual tours with ambient sound on

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Today we launched a new option for virtual tours generated with soundtrack audio. With this new option you can include a soundtrack or background audio without breaks Interruption between panoramas. Use this new option is as simple as uploading the audio file from the specified field while creating the route:

And remember, that the virtual tours generated in can be embed on your sites as you do with the normal single panoramas.

Summary of the highlights of January

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New improvements for January

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In we love to offer you great improvements, that make your experience in our platform increasingly simple, practical and enjoyable. Today we bring you interesting news, the first one, the preview option button in the editor section. With this new tool, you can see how the hotspots are displayed with items that incorporate elements such as: photos, videos, audio and environmental sound and tags.

In addition, we have also included the possibility of expanding the tag to the size you need. Thanks to a small selector you can enlarge each tag as large as you want, as it appears in the image.

And now the last major improvement that many of you asked for: finally you can create virtual private tour protected with password, which is useful, for example, for one work that you have to present to your customers who do not wish to make it public on

As with private folders, a little wizard allows you to send the link to your personalised private tour with a password to those email addresses you wish.

And when you want to make it public, you can do so with a single click.

We hope that you get great results, like the other new advantages of Pro accounts that you can try for free for a period of two months.


Enjoy it!!

Summary of the highlights of December

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299 new panoramas have been published this month on
Of which the fived more rated are:

The last Gunsmith

by Michał Kaźmierczak Sc0rpion

Catedral de Santa María (La Seu), València, España.

by Bernard Custard

Oia at Dusk, Santorini

by Wilfried Glocar

Nathmal Ji Ki Havelli, Jaisalmer, India.

by Bernard Custard

Escultura en la Plaza Principal de Puebla, Mexico, 2012

by Manuel Vega Velazquez

And the most relevant authors are:

from Bordeaux, France

Soledad Tante Agudo
from Polán (Toledo) ESPAÑA

Bernard Custard
from Valencia, Spain.

Wilfried Glocar
from Germany

Susana López
from Ponferrada, Spain

Visualizador de fotografias panoramicas esfericas y cilindricas

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Per Manuel Vega Velazquez

Visualizador de fotografias panoramicas esfericas y cilindricas.

1.- Guarde el ejecutable

2.- Abra el archivo a visualizar desde devalvr

3.- Visualice

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