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Presa de Miranda de Douro, frontera entre Sayago y Portugal.

24 vots

Las fuertes lluvias han provocado un aumento de caudal del río Duero. Las presas que hay a lo largo del Arribe no dan abasto a turbinar, por lo que...

Per Lorenzo Ferrero

Vecaki beach on a cold winter day, Latvia

21 vots

Still you have a chance to meet some winter-swimming enthusiasts there :)

Per Vil Muhametshin

Driftwood installation, Lilaste, Latvia

11 vots

In the summertime here you can meet a lot of interesting and extraordinary people - shamans, hippies, wild nature lovers. Some of them live here...

Per Vil Muhametshin

On the deck of an old fishing boat at the Jurmala Open-Air Museum, Latvia

10 vots

The ship on the left is called "Undine" (Mermaid), it was built in Sovetsk (city on the boundary between nowadays Lithuania and Russia) in 1971. In...

Per Vil Muhametshin

Neptune Quay (Ipswich, United Kingdom)

4 vots

Ipswich Waterfront benefits from visiting large sailing vessels, Tall Ships and Royal Navy ships, together with craft offering tours of the...

Per Nico Potgieter

Lonely walk at the Lielupe beach, Latvia

12 vots

This is one of the few places near Riga that won't be overcrowded on a hot summer day. That's because it's hidden by a forest park and takes some...

Per Vil Muhametshin

Cervera Nevada 2010

13 vots

Panoràmica de la capital de la Segarra després de la nevada de principis de Gener de 2010.

Per Fotos Des de la Segarra

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