Girocam: The first completely automatic 360° camera

Publicat el 20/11/11 a la secció de Presentations

Per Juan Carlos Izquierdo

Kolor present Girocam by Giroptic: One click, one 360° photo

Girocam is the first camera that let’s you take 360° shots completely automatically. With three fisheye lenses and three sensors of ten megapixels each, Girocam takes three photos in just one click, allowing it to cover a field of 360°x150°. The completely automated stitching is done by included Kolor Girocam Studio software; it was developed by Kolor and is based on the same state of the art algorithms as those used in Autopano, the world benchmark for image stitching software. With the Panotour Pro software (optional), finally turn your shots into interactive virtual tours and publish them to the web.

Comentaris sobre aquesta notícia:

On the homepage of Kolor you can find an example that shows a spherical image, created with the Girocam. To me the result is of really bad quality. I wouldn't dare to offer this to a customer.
Per Heiner Straesser | 21/11/11 - 06:54:55 GMT +0100
quality of panorama images is really bad, price off camera is 1500 euro is really high. who need this device is really a mystery. ;-)
Per Tong | 21/11/11 - 08:01:44 GMT +0100

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