Conwy castle and Telford bridge, North Wales

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Taken the 05/11/10
A lot of people come to visit the castle in Conwy. Not so many actually take the little path which leads to the old suspension bridge. It is one of the bridges build by Thomas Telford and it is one of the first road suspension bridges built to span the river Conwy.

The interesting thing on this bridge (and on Menai Bridge for that matter) are the huge chain links made from iron. In 1826 manufacturing steel cables hadn't been invented but they needed something flexible and strong. So they came up with these massive chains with each chain link about 2 metres long, 20cm high and 5cm wide. The longer and wider Menai Bridge, also built by Telford has even more impressive chain links which I hope to show in some other panorama.
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Latitude: 53° 16' 48" N, Longitude: 3° 49' 28" W see »

Location: United Kingdom

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