Panoramas by Juan Hernández Garcés

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Ordesa:las clavijas de Cotatuero

22 votes

a exposed view of "las clavijas de Cotatuero" , an aerial hike at Ordesa valley,  left :"La Fraucata", right:"el Gallinero" with the most classical...

Riglos: ”el carnaval”

5 votes

Self-portrait climbing "el carnaval" , one of the best routes in "el Pisón" (Riglos), 300meters long , vertical and exposed.The Vr is at "la raya"...

Cavallers rock climbing

3 votes

Climbing at Cavallers , Comallestorres 4ª agulla

Telera:Coulouir Maribel

2 votes

Last meters climbing 500 meters long Maribel ice coulouir in Spain.Then you can reach easily the top of Peña Telera 2752m. at "valle de Tena"(...

Vilanova de Meiá climbing

12 votes

Selfportrait climbing at Vilanova de Meiá (LLeida). Nice place , good quality rock from 5 meters to 200 meters , all kinds of difficulties. Here...

La Brecha de Rolando 2804. m.

14 votes

After climbing Taillon 3144 m. W face coulouir , I go back crossing "la brecha de Rolando" 2804 m. , natural and narrow pass between...

Bardenas mountain bike

5 votes

Self portrait downhill mountain bike in Las Bardenas desert (Navarra , Spain)."La Bardenas" is a "curious" protected natural park and Unesco...

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