Demo lesson in dance school ”Metamorphoses”

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Taken the 27/05/08
Annually dance school holds demo lessons for parents and friends.

Dance and mime school "Metamorphoses" was opened in 1991. The school joins together boys and girls of different ages - from 8 to 16. Every morning they go to public schools in different districts of Saint-Petersburg, but some evenings per week they spend in school "Metamorphoses".
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Andrew Varlamov
Distinguish Silver

Latitude: 59° 55' 54" N, Longitude: 30° 20' 23" E see »

Location: город Санкт-Петербург, Russian Federation

Comments on panorama:

This pano is interesting. It would be even more if you would dare to approach the main person of your picture : the young balerina. And if she has been looking at you, we should have the impression that she is looking at us....
A good panography has to have some interesting and separately composed sequences around. You could be situated 2 m farther,  between the dancing student girl and her profesor. From this new point of view, we could have a sensation about what the prof is telling to her students, we should be abe to see the keyboard of piano and we couldn't see the toilet coin... I don't mean that the lavabo and everything around it is uninteresting ! No, but it is not the main object of your panorama.
What I say here can be reported to some of your panos. Your stiching and retouching technique is excellent, but you keep your distances. If you wish to make us “concerned” by your panoramas you need to get closer to events and to people and to show their reactions. Persuade yourself that you disturb nobody. Your job consist to show us in the most direct and meaning way what is challenging  for you.
I'm sorry for my poor English,
By Hub | 01/08/08 - 18:58:43 GMT +0200
Hub ! First of all excuse me for so long silence - vacation and other post-vacation affairs. Thank You for Your words. I could agree with You that there is no emotions in pano. But good balerina tries to express emotions by motion (90%) and by mimics (10%).
About position for shooting - 2m farther is excelent place, but it lies on the route on dancers.
I promise to continue shoot balerinas this year.

Best regards
By Author | 16/09/08 - 10:40:49 GMT +0200

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