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La Fotografía panorámica me interesa desde hace algunos años, y poco a poco he conseguido ir mejorando mis resultados. Recientemente publiqué la web '', en la que llevaba tiempo trabajando. En '' pretendo mostrar rutas y viajes de forma muy detallada, con panorámicas esfericas (o cilíndricas) descripciones de los lugares y datos adicionales. Estoy abierto a colaboraciones.

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Some years ago I got impressed by a panoramic view made by Ipix, I decided to learn how to do that kind of photographs, and I found Pano tools (thanks Helmut Dersch). I made a lot of tests in order to find a good way to make panoramas. In the meantime I found Photovista Panorama and could reduce dramatically the time spent in making a panorama. Some time after I could improve the technique to shot panoramas without tripod (if you make a touristic trip this is a must). Now I think that I have found a good workflow, very fast and with quite acceptable results.

During the last september I launched a website '' (in english and spanish) where I want to describe trips with lots of details, panoramic photographs are basic in my website, but I don't want to put there only panoramas, I also want to put detailed descriptions of the places, interesting things around... everything that could be useful for a tourist that 'wants to be there before travelling'. Now I only have panoramas of Spain, beacuse until now there are only panoramas made by myself, but I would like to have panoramas from around the world. So any panorama that you want to be published in my website is welcome.

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