Royal Castle in Niepołomice, Poland

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The final shape of a polish kings residence in Niepolomice acquired the castle in Renaissance, in times of Sigismund Augustus, who continued to work iniciated by his father immediately after removal of the damage caused by the conflagration in 1550. Projects prepared and supervised the construction work himself master Thomas Grzymala, and collaborated with him, Polish and Italian craftsmen, including Santi Gucci. Building brought an end to the barbaric splendor of Swedish invasions, which resulted in (1655) occupants robbed Niepołomice, destroyed the church, partially destroyed the castle and arranged for food storage, taking away all his previous equipment. After the partition of Polish in 1772 came to the Austrians, who, after adapting the object to its barracks demolished the second floor. Since then, the Swedish ball nibbled and merciless passing of time systematically mansion fell into decline. In the interwar period and after the war, it served the function of a public utility facility. In 1991 the monument became the property of the Municipality Niepołomice, then proceeded to a comprehensive renovation and refurbishment works which are intended to restore the former splendor of the precious building.
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Zbigniew Pilip
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Latitude: 50° 2' 2" N, Longitude: 20° 13' 3" E see »

Location: Niepo?omice, Poland

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