St. Joseph’s Church interior, Liepaja

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The first, very small church was built at this place in 1762. Its parish grew in the course of time, and in 1900 the church was re-built to its present size and shape. Only one part of the church has remained unchanged from the 18th century – what was once the central altar became the left side chapel.

Here you can see a ship model, which is a typical feature of seaside churches of those times. Ship captains used to hang such models in the church either before going to the sea, asking God for a safe journey, or after their return, as a gratitude for successful trip.

Today it is the largest Catholic church in Liepāja and the official residence of the bishop of Kurzeme. Anyone can lit a candle here and enjoy the sacral atmosphere of the church.
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Latitude: 56° 30' 17" N, Longitude: 21° 0' 26" E see »

Location: Latvia

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