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Nerik 2008-3, Oymaagac, Turkey

3 votes

After renovating the old school of Oymaagac with the help of local workers, the archaeologist could move in in August 2007. Beside a kitchen and...

Nerik 2008-2, Oymaagac, Turkey

7 votes

Sunday, late afternoon on the archaeological excavation of Oymaagac. Here the archaeologists hope to find Nerik, the religious center of the...

Nerik 2008-1, Oymaagac, Turkey

7 votes

Morning at the archaeological excavations of Oymaagac, where the Hittite religious center of Nerik is suspected to be. In the 2nd millenium B.C....

Armenian church, Ishan, East Anatolia, Turkey

12 votes

Church in the mountains of eastern Anatolia. A first church had been built under bishop Nerses in the 7th century. He was an Armenian, born in...

Armenian church, Oschki, East Anatolia, Turkey

14 votes

One of the most important monasteries in eastern Turkey from the 10th century. Oschki was built in Armenian style, but the area belonged at that...

Tortum Lake, Eastern Anatolia, Turkey

26 votes

The Tortum Lake north of Erzurum, in the mountains of East Anatolia, is in a low populated area. Thousand and more years ago this area belonged to...

The Golden Horn at Night, Istanbul, Turkey

71 votes

Just after sunset in Istanbul at the Golden Horn (=Halys river). The illuminated big mosque is the Yeni Camii (=New Mosque) and next to it on the...

Night View of Istanbul, Turkey

60 votes

A view at Istanbul, the Halys river (= Golden Horn, with the illuminated Hagia Sophia on the hill) and the Bosporus at night from one of the...

Uchisar at Sunrise, Cappadocia, Turkey

99 votes

Uchisar is one of the most famous villages in Cappadocia, which is in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The panorama was taken right after sunrise.

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