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I'm a professional photographer, specialized in panoramic and high resolution images.

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The most highlight panoramas by Heiner Straesser

Sunset in Cappadocia, Turkey

108 votes

Sunset in one of the most wonderful landscapes of the world. UNESCO World Heritage. More panoramas at www.derPanoramafotograf.com

Obruk Caravanserai, central Anatolia

91 votes

The Obruk Han in central Anatolia had been built under the Seljuks around 1245. It's next to the imortant trade road to Konya, about one day away....

Minaret View at Uchisar, Cappadocia

91 votes

View at Uchisar from the hight of a minaret.

Asmali Cave House, Cappadocia

90 votes

After sunset in the small hotel "Asmali Cave House" in Uchisar, Cappadocia.

Late afternoon in Cappadocia, Turkey

82 votes

At the end of a grey day the clouds opened and the golden light of the sun illuminated the Cappadocian tuff rocks.

Inside the Mavrucan Hac Cave Church 2, Cappadocia, Turkey

72 votes

Inside a small cave church with wallpaintings in the local Cappadocian style, about 11th century. Without protection it is only a matter of time...

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