Reaktor 1 - view from observation rooms

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An industrial hall 20 meters underground Stockholms Royal Institute of Technology
A scientific Nuclear reactor was in use here between 1954 until late 1960 s
Now defunct and used recently as modern dance scene.
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Jann Lipka

Latitude: 59° 21' 0" N, Longitude: 18° 4' 4" E see »

Location: Sweden

Panoramas by Jann Lipka

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1 May 2012 Kungsträdgården Stockholm

50 votes

1 May 2012 meeting of left party Vanster in Stockholm with new party leader Jonas Sjöstedt

Reggae band Kalle Bah concert at Skogsrojet in Rejmyre

34 votes

more panos from Skogsrojet festival  at :

Interiour of 1961 Lancia Appia Sport Zagato

87 votes

Really nice sports car  participating in a Classic Wheels show in Stockholm 22 AUg 2010.

Stockholm Marathon 6 of June 2010

42 votes

few seconds after the start - running outside  of historic Olympic 1912 Stadium.

Stockholm - ice-skating

26 votes

Ice-skating Rink in Kungsträdgården Stockholm is a classic institution , it is running since october regardless temeparture, but extra nice with...

Uppsala Kongress och Konferans hall with city view including Uppsala Cathedral and Uppsala Castle

11 votes

View from level 6 of New Uppsala Kongress hall.

Swedish field artillery at  1809 Finnish War   battle reenactment performed in Stockholm 2009

22 votes

Last war Sweden was involved in was 1809 . Sweden lost against Russia, and piece treaty was signed. Finland gained its independence from Sweden....

Celebration of 200 years of Peace in Sweden

32 votes

Last war Sweden was involved in was 1809 . Sweden lost against Russia, and piece treaty was signed. Finland gained its independence from Sweden....

Swedish flatbread bake off at food festival ”smaklust”

10 votes

Smaklust - food festival was held 22 august 2009 at Tanto park - Södermalm Stockholm , Sweden this baking tent was placed at "Dalarna" food...

Cafe rhodos at Årstaviken of Stockholm

23 votes

Cafe rhodos is a summer project driven by Ivan (succesfull 3rd year student of Karolinska medical school ) and several of  his friends ....

General Motors Futureliner no8 from 50's - restoration project  in Sweden

34 votes

Futurliner  #8. It was one of 12 built by General Motors  for the Parade of Progress show in the 40s and 50s. The project is just starting,...

Saab93B 1959 - LeMans version at Barkarby airfield

30 votes

This replica won also a Le Mans Classic Race 2008. Incredible sound  two-stroker 750cc !! Surrounded by  MArch Formula2 car from 1974 and (...

Rikstelefon payphone booth

31 votes

Rikstelefon payphone booth - traditional old style telephone booth, still coin operated close to the place wher Swedish telephone company LM...

South of Stockholm City - Telefonplan - roundabout sculpture in fibreglas ...

21 votes

Art student Linda Shamma Östrand won recently a contest for a decoration of a new roundabout in Telefonplan. It definitely cheers you up as it is...

Little-Red-Corvette-Sibille-Attar-konsert - Kulturhuset / Taket  7 Aug 2009

21 votes

sibille Attar singing with the band at Kulturhuset.

Brama Florianska Krakow

21 votes

he Florian Gate (St. Florian's Gate) in Kraków, Poland (Polish: Brama Floriańska w Krakowie), named after St. Florian, is one of the best-known...

The main gate of Auschwitz II-Birkenau overlooking selection area

12 votes

Many people know the Birkenau camp simply as "Auschwitz"; it was larger than Auschwitz I, and more people passed through its gates than did those...

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