Amasya Sultan II.Beyazid Camii

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Amasya is a province of Turkey, situated on the Yeşil River in the Black Sea Region to the north of the country. Area 5,520 km². Population 352,452.

Its provincial capital is Amasya, the antique Amaesia mentioned in documents from the era of Alexander the Great and the birth place of the geographer and historian Strabo. In Ottoman times Amasya was well known for its madrassas, especially as a centre for the Khalwati Sufi order.

Despite being near the Black Sea Amasya is at a high altitude and has a dry climate with hot summers and cold winters. Amasya is an agricultural province known as the best apple growing province in the country, and also producing tobacco, peaches, cherries and okra.

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Latitude: 40° 39' 2" N, Longitude: 35° 49' 38" E see »

Location: Turkey

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