In the name of Christ Revival Temple complex

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Taken the 26/01/07
View from the belltower. I had to shoot quickly enough because the person who let me in had a lunch break and had not too much time. And the temperature outside was about minus 30 Celsius so I could not spend too much time either choosing a shooting point. I've made 4 spheres and later on when all the four are ready, will see if there is a better one. The good thing - now I know the person who can let me in next time.
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Latitude: 60° 59' 51" N, Longitude: 69° 1' 30" E see »

Location: Russian Federation

Comments on panorama:

A beautiful panoramic, Evgeniy. Congratulations!
By Iban | 30/01/08 - 09:41:25 GMT +0100
Wow !!!!! Incredible pano and very good view up there, Welcome to and I think this one it will be at the top rate.
By Bernard | 30/01/08 - 10:02:38 GMT +0100
Евгений, вижу вам удалось отстроить NN3 как следует? Несмотря на все ее люфты :)
На некоторых панорамах, как и на этой, вижу проблемы с вертикалями :( Пренебрегаете?
By Rodion Galanev | 16/02/08 - 18:42:23 GMT +0100
Родион. Про NN3 - возился с настройкой достаточно долго, то по собчтвенным ощущениям настроил на 95%. Есть некий перекос, который в большинстве случаев правится блендером, да и проявляющийся только в надире. Так же немного модернезировал голову, дабы без особых сложностей можно было перенастраивать на использование с разными объективами (использую Sigma 8/3.5 и Sigma 10-20). Согласен с  замечанием на тему вертикалей. Если честно, то особо режущий глаз кривой горизонт видел у себя только в кормушке для белок. В остальном результат более или менее устраивает. Спасибо за критику :)
By Evgeniy Listyuk | 16/02/08 - 20:05:56 GMT +0100
Ok, I stopped to learn russian long time ago, I regret, and now I know I have to start again. Mostly because THAT place is going to be on my travel map to Your BEAUTIFUL country, and so I can read your comments. Is there something about problems with vertical in panoramas?
By Marek Kowalczyk Kowalczyk | 24/04/08 - 21:30:11 GMT +0200
Yes, Marek, speech in comments went about problems with verticals in the given panorama. But at my modest sight, here there are no problems;) I for a long time thought of duplication of messages in English though I use for this purpose the electronic translator, that does not guarantee accuracy of translation.
By Evgeniy Listyuk | 25/04/08 - 06:32:55 GMT +0200
Actually, it's almost perfect, still it's hard to see this little bug so neither functionality nor esthetic values is distorted. I had a lot of problems with that and still it happens, the solution on that was the leveling head for use between the tripod and panohead. Now i can put tripod not worrying of leveling and easy do the leveling by the between head. The advantages of that is that you don't need to operate with tripod legs so it's faster and easy. I use the manfrotto 268 tripod head, it's really important that it's a bowl head so no single part of it disturb the view of lens, and it has two bubble leveling... (something), so its very precise. Anyway I use a lot of testing and leveling tools in PTgui.

Regards, Marek.
By Marek Kowalczyk Kowalczyk | 25/04/08 - 10:08:35 GMT +0200
I'm looking forward for next panos from your neighbourhood.

off the topic; How long You have to go to get from Ekaterinburg to your city by car in summer?
By Marek Kowalczyk Kowalczyk Kowalczyk | 25/04/08 - 10:12:34 GMT +0200
I use for alignment of horizon a spherical head " manfrotto 484 MINI BALL HEAD " and concerning this panorama I think a problem in installations of horizon in PTGui.

On my site ( a plenty of works is presented, but how much I know, it I can not look through foreign users. In connection with transition from winter by the spring, nothing removed, as weather and a dirty landscape does not allow. I shall lay out already available works hardly later.

The road from Ekaterinburg up to Khanty-Mansiysk makes about 1300 km. On the most part road of bad quality, in our district of road of higher quality.
By Evgeniy Listyuk | 25/04/08 - 11:56:57 GMT +0200
Thanks for info.

I've been already on your site, there's a lot of good stuff!
By Marek Kowalczyk | 25/04/08 - 16:43:04 GMT +0200

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