Panoramas by Miguel Sepúlveda García

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LEBRIJA, Seville Spain

3 votes

From the ruins of the castle

TEBA, Málaga, Spain

5 votes

Dólmen 6, El Pozuelo, Zalamea la Real, Huelva, Spain

21 votes

Dolmen convergent corridor and four cameras

Puerto de Palos, Spain

28 votes

From here sailed on August 3, 1492 the first voyage of Christopher Columbus to what he believed Indies

Monasterio de La Rábida

18 votes

Christopher Columbus stayed at the monastery two years before his famous first voyage in search of the Indies.

Plantas Termosolares PS-10 y PS-20, Sanlúcar la Mayor, Sevilla, Spain

6 votes

The PS-10 at full capacity and PS-20 under construction

Planta Termo Solar PS10, Sanlucar la Mayor, Sevilla, Spain

11 votes

First commercial tower in the world

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