Carracedo de Compludo 2

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Taken the 15/07/12
Panorámica del pueblo semiabandonado de Carracedo de Compludo en El Bierzo, León - España
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Latitude: 42° 28' 2" N, Longitude: 6° 26' 9" W see »

Location: Ponferrada, Spain

Comments on panorama:

Are there many abandoned villages in Spain?  
Here in Latvia the countryside is getting quite empty. Most of young people are leaving in search for better life in cities or in other, more prosperous, European countries.
By Vil Muhametshin | 17/08/12 - 06:47:25 GMT +0200
Hi, Vil, most of those hamlets were emptied in the sixtyes & seventyes on XXth century, as the people fleed to the cities or even other countries in search of a better life. We have plenty of them in the mountains nearby, but most, like this one are being reconstructed by the descendants of their former inhabitants. Most houses become "rural hotels", as there is a great demand for quiet places for weekends & small vacations, away from the multitudes in Spain's beaches.
By Henry Alvarez | 17/08/12 - 08:16:53 GMT +0200

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