Rocks at Biddeford Pool, Maine

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Taken the 21/08/07
I couldn't resist. It was a perfect summer evening. The ocean was calm, the moon was bright, and the mosquitos were biting.
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Latitude: 43° 26' 44" N, Longitude: 70° 20' 21" W see »

Location: United States

Comments on panorama:

Welcome Harold and congratulations for that kind of pano, I hope to see more panos like this one. ;) Sure that everyone will enjoy it .
By Bernard Custard Gascó | 24/02/08 - 18:09:18 GMT +0100
Amazing Harold, thanks for sharing! It was intriguing watching you put together the interior panorama, but this really makes me want to get outside and start shooting again. Psssssst. . . there's a little store in Freeport that sells clothing with "Buzz-off/Insect Shield", just perfect for keeping those mosquitos at bay! See you soon.
By Leslie Wagner | 24/02/08 - 21:38:41 GMT +0100
Wow! very understated title to this pano pic. The feeling changes subtly as we move from the big house to the moon setting into the sea, then to the cottages in the distance, and back to the waning daylight silhouetting trees with quivering leaves. But a great deal of the fascination comes from the rocks anchoring the view, fascinating in their variety, subtly mysterious in the twilight. Beautiful. Thank you!
By Maria Rhew | 26/02/08 - 03:18:36 GMT +0100
Harold -
These are great! The quality is terrific. Congratulations.
By ANDREW PHILLIPS | 02/03/08 - 21:35:54 GMT +0100
These pictures are absolutely beautiful!
I feel like if I walked on the beach, stopped and looked around. Thanks for the ride, without the mosquitos and the uneven ground! Congratulations!
By Angèle Gagnon | 23/04/08 - 05:04:22 GMT +0200

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