Castellers en la Pza. Sant Jaume durante la fiesta de la Laia

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Taken the 10/02/08
A castell is a human tower traditionally built during festivals in many places in Catalonia, Spain. At these festivals, several colles castelleres (teams) meet and try to build the most impressive towers they can.
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Latitude: 41° 22' 57" N, Longitude: 2° 10' 38" E see »

Location: Barcelona, Spain

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Changing Lanes

76 votes

Changing Lanes in Berlin

By Jan Röpenack

Iglesia de Santiago el Real (altar), Logroño

23 votes

Iglesia de Santiago el Real. El retablo mayor es de una gran belleza y fue realizado en 1649 dedicado al santo patrón de la iglesia, en el que se...

By Carlos Anillo

Museu de cera de Barcelona, Spain

15 votes

El museu de cera de Barcelona acull  més de 300 figures de personatges reals i de ficció: Einstein, l'Home Llop, Superman, Pinotxo,...

By Carles Nicolás

Toledo, Pasadizo de Balaguer

11 votes

Pasadizo del Ayuntamiento. Así titulan los azulejos oficiales al enlace no viario, sino producido por el derrumbe parcial de un palacio gótico,...

By José María Moreno Santiago

SHI snowdrops at sunset: with D.A.Shaposhnik

10 votes

It was lovely evening. Few days ago we had 'picknick' there and something made us return.

By George Burkov

Lady Oaks 2010 District Championship Game Tipoff

1 votes

Tipoff of the 2010 Girls Basketball District Championship game between Adena and Oak Hill in the OU Convocation Center. The Lady Oaks claimed the...

By Erik Brummerstedt

Mosaic Canyon

3 votes

I visited Death Valley in February 2010. The Mosaic Canyon is close to Stovepipe Wells. You can experience a narrow canyon with smooth marble rock...

By Michael Kupfer

Bar Vasco le Gamma place de l'Estrapades Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées France

3 votes

Vue du bar et des cuisines du Bar Vasco le Gamma

By Villefranque Arnaud

Norm Persin 2009 National Coach of the Year


Norm Persin of Oak Hill, Ohio recognized as 2009 National Coach of the Year.

By Erik Brummerstedt

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