Cour carrée du Louvres, Paris

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Equipment used:

NIKON D200  Sigma 8mm/  PTGUIPRO  Nodal Ninja 3 MKII manfrotto 190D

Latitude: 48° 51' 37" N, Longitude: 2° 20' 16" E see »

Location: Paris, France

Comments on panorama:

nice pano, but horizon is severely tilted :(
By Sam Rohn | 12/04/11 - 01:14:21 GMT +0200
I did this one  without  tripod, that's probably  why it semms a little tilted!!! (I was out of balance!!)
By Stephane | 12/04/11 - 01:28:45 GMT +0200
leveling the horizon is very easy, see these links
By Sam Rohn | 14/04/11 - 01:40:32 GMT +0200
Thanks for the tips!!  I'll have to go through the explanations!!  but this is a hard job!!!
thanks again!
By Stephane Cazenave | 14/04/11 - 01:44:52 GMT +0200
np - but this is really super easy, just set vertical control points as you stitch (same image in both sides of CP window), or open an already stitched equi and add vertical control points to that
By Sam Rohn :: | 14/04/11 - 05:04:37 GMT +0200
Hi! I think I understood why  my panos seems a bit (or quite) tilted!! It's the nadir shot that scrambles the pano!!  I stitched  the Cour Carrée duLouvres again, without the nadirt and I'll soon post  it. I have to photoshop it to make the pavmeent look  better....
I found the video tut  in your pages showing how to proceed with  vertical  lines. Great help!!
Thaks . tell me what you think of it!!
By Stephane Cazenave | 14/04/11 - 06:35:52 GMT +0200

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