Sanam Chandra Palace, Nakorn Pathom

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Sanam Chandra Palace is located in Nakorn Pathom, a province 56 km south of Bangkok . The palace is about a kilometer away from the majestic pagoda, Phra Pathom Chedi. The location was formerly called “ Noen Prasart “, and believed to be the site of an ancient palace. Close to Noen Prasart, before a Brahman shrine, was located a natural pool called “ Sa Nam Chand “ (presently Sa Bua).

Before ascending the throne, the then Crown Prince Vajiravudh ( later H. M. King Rama VI 1910 - 1925 ) came to this city to pay homage to the big pagoda. He wished to build a palace here as a retreat and a residence during his pilgrimage trip to the pagoda. He preferred this area for he viewed it as a strategic location. In 1907, he bought about 335 acres of land around Noen Prasart from local people. He then had Luang Phitak Manop ( Noi Silapi, later Phraya Visukam Prasit ) design and supervise the construction of the palace. The construction began in 1902 by the end of the Fifth Reign ( 1868 – 1910 ). It was completed in 1911. H.M. King Rama VI named it Sanam Chandra Palace .
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