Pedal Urbano

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Equipment used:

Nikon D300 + Nikkor 10.5mm

Latitude: 23° 32' 51" S, Longitude: 46° 41' 18" W see »

Location: Brazil

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The Little Chapel, Guernsey, Channel Islands

42 votes

A work of art and a labour of love, the Little Chapel is possibly the smallest chapel in the world. Inside it is just five metres long and three...

By Jos Sanders

Uchisar in Cappadocia, Turkey

32 votes

Between the rocks with the cave houses in Uçhisar, one of the most fascinating places in Cappadocia.

By Heiner Straesser

Malcesine, Lago di Garda, Italy

30 votes

Just a small beach in Malcesine at the Italian Lago di Garda.

By Heiner Straesser

Iglesia de San Bartolomé, Logroño

26 votes

La iglesia de San Bartolomé es la más antigua de la ciudad de Logroño. Su construcción se remonta al siglo XII, por lo que conserva en parte estilo...

By Carlos Anillo

Cabina del avión en Centro de Paracaidismo Skydive Lillo en Toledo HDR

11 votes

Interior del avión de la escuela de Paracaidismo Skydive Lillo en Lillo, Toledo

By Susana López

Mya Thein Tan Pagoda, Mingun, Myanmar

10 votes

Mya Thein Tan Pagoda is also known as Hsinbyume Pagoda. Situated on top of Mount Meru, it was build in 1816 by King Bagyidaw in memory of his...

By Wilfried Glocar

Mya Thein Tan Pagoda, Mingun, Myanmar

10 votes

View of the upper terrace

By Wilfried Glocar

Baumberger Sandstone Museum

10 votes

The Museum of Sandstone in Havixbeck introduces a stone with history. Baumberger Sandstone - that's not only a building material, but also a...

By Pinsdorf Wilfried

Col d'Ayous


By Buboam

360º Dormitorio principal


Panoramica 360º departamento Andalucia, inmobiliaria Almagro

By Susan Lasen

El Terrible


Mina "El Terrible" Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo

By Antonio Trenado N.

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