Catedrala ortodoxa Sfantul Nicolae

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Taken the 27/02/10
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Latitude: 46° 34' 8" N, Longitude: 26° 54' 43" E see »

Location: Romania

Comments on panorama:

Very nice but a sun flare in a church?? I don't really think it is adding anything. The panorama itself is really interesting.
By Barcud Revnik | 08/02/13 - 01:31:06 GMT +0100
I added the flare to hide a slight loss of quality (because of the underexposure of an image from panorama) on the ceiling in that area. The panorama is 3 years old, when I made some beginner mistakes. I didn't wanted to add anything with the flare. Anyway, I think it's only a matter of taste.
Thanks for your appreciation!
By Leeview | 08/02/13 - 03:00:55 GMT +0100

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