Archangelos Stephanos Monastery, Cappadocia, Turkey

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Taken the 31/08/11
This is the view from above the monastery. Inside the Archangelos monastery, which was in use until the World War I, are still many wallpaintings.
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Latitude: 38° 37' 7" N, Longitude: 34° 54' 18" E see »

Location: Turkey

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Your panos of Cappadocia are beautiful. Paul the apostle sought refuge from the Romans in those caves and established the first
Christian community outside of Jerusalem in Cappadocia.
By Randy Kosek | 10/04/13 - 16:50:52 GMT +0200
Thank you Randy. Unfortunately there are no remains from the earliest settlements. In the 8th century, during the time of iconoclasm (725-842), most of the wallpaintings have been detroyed. But afterwards in the 9th century the time of colourfull paintings started again and even monarchs came here to found monasteries and pay for extraordinary decoration. The most famous of these cave churches is the "Tokali Kilise" in Goereme. The walls are covered with a blue paint, made of lapislazuli. In total they needed about 300kg of lapislazuli. Today the church is under renovation by the Italian professor Maria Andalora and her team. There I couldn't get a permission to shoot a spherical panorama, because it belongs to the official Goereme Open Air Museum with thousands of visitors every day. But most of the churches outside the museum area are under little or without protection. They are in danger to be destroyed and there I try to do some documentary panos every year. And every year I discover more exciting places.
By Heiner Straesser | 13/04/13 - 05:14:37 GMT +0200

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