Falaises de Caucalières, Tarn, France

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Equipment used:

Canon EOS 400D

Latitude: 43° 31' 22" N, Longitude: 2° 18' 28" E see »

Location: Caucalières, France

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Château de Pau - Face Sud, Potager du Roy - PAU - FRANCE

12 votes

Château de Pau Face Sud, Potager du Roy   -   Castillo de la pobreza - Al sur, El jardín del rey   -   Castle poverty - Face south, The king's...

By Arnaud LECLÈRESilver

Château de Pau - Face Ouest - PAU - FRANCE

1 votes

Château de Pau  Face Ouest   -   Pau Castle  West side   -   El Castillo de Pau  El lado Oeste Wikipedia :...

By Arnaud LECLÈRESilver

Château de Pau - Face Nord - PAU - FRANCE

1 votes

Château de Pau  Face Nord  -  Pau Castle  North Face  -  Castillo de Pau - Cara Norte Wikipedia :...

By Arnaud LECLÈRESilver

Saint Paul's Cathedral, London, UK

71 votes

St Paul's Cathedral is an Anglican  cathedral  on Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the City of London, and is the seat of the Bishop of London....

By Nico Potgieter

Plaza Mayor de Bermillo de Sayago (Zamora)

13 votes

Plaza Mayor de Bermillo de Sayago, con su fuente ornamental, su busto de bronce dedicado a Don Federico Requejo Avedillo y el edificio del...

By Lorenzo Ferrero

Castell del Montmel, El Montmell, Baix Pendès, Spain

5 votes

És el mes enlairat de tot el Penedès. Està situat a una altura de 781 metres sobre la "dent" del Montmel, que mira de cara al Camp de Tarragona....

By Carles Nicolás

Victory Memorial to Soviet Army, Riga, Latvia

3 votes

Same panorama as a planet - www.flickr.com/photos/ocean360/4429263872/

By Vil Muhametshin

Moto-safari in the Egyptian desert.

2 votes

You can view the tour at: http://3dtour.com.ua/

By 3Dtour

Triumfalnaya Square. Moscow, Russia.

1 votes

Vladimir Mayakovsky, the famous Russian poet and artist, the leader of Futurists movement who was proclaiming the victory of Communism over rotten...

By Andrey Ilyin

Larisa in her cage - Кингисепп (Kingisepp, Leningradskaya Oblast), Russia.

3 votes

September 2007. Sorry for the "cut", this panoramic was created to be print, and not to be seen as a 360° on a screen.

By Gild Gábor

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