Behind the Begijnhof, Amsterdam

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Equipment used:

NIKON D200  Nikor 10.5mm Stitcher 2009 & PTGUI Nodal Ninja 3 MKII manfrotto 190D


6 Vues horizontales 1 zenith + 3 nadirs dont 1 à main levée/ parfois à main levée (résultat aléatoire!!!)
Stitcher unlimited et ptgui

Latitude: 52° 22' 10" N, Longitude: 4° 53' 25" E see »

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Comments on panorama:

Do you really used NN3? I thought about buying it, but with such a problems in stitching also in upper part... I think my HMPH works great ;).
By Wojciech Połowczuk | 29/04/10 - 22:39:26 GMT +0200
Wojciech, Hi!
No, I did not use the NN3 pano Head for this pano. All my photos from Amsterdam were hand held. But I usually  use the NN3  in current situations. And it gives incredible results.  Zero bug on the stitching. For this session in Amdsterdam I was quite lucky I guess!
By Stephane | 29/04/10 - 23:23:53 GMT +0200
Lucky, but I have many "casualties"!!! during 4 days in amsterdam, I shot 900 photos,  that's 250 panos (4 shots per pano) I have  about 90%  panos  with almost no bugs ....but during a trip in NYC and Forida, that was 3 years ago , the rate was  really poor!!!  I missed  40 or 45 panos!!!! At that time I had no tripod nor NN3....all of them were hand held. I had a nikkor 10.5mm  I had to  do 6 shots with 60° in between each shot!!!! Luck was not enough!!! NN3 is a real treat.  Manfrotto 19à tripod is heavy enough to be very  steady, and light enough to take it on long trips..... there we  are.
and PTGUI PRO last upgrade are really good. I have to find my old bugged panos from FLorida and re-stitch them, I would be surprised, PTGUI PRO last version  "treats" many bugs especially with hand held photos!!!! give it a try and tell me
By Stephane | 30/04/10 - 03:15:36 GMT +0200

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