St. John the Baptist Church in Winter

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Without foliage old church looks alone.

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The church of St. John the Babtist in Tolchkovo is a memorial of the Golden Age of the Yaroslavl architectural and artistic school of the end of the 17th century.
It was built "by the whole world", meaning with the funds collected from the church-goers from 1671 - 1687. Symmetry of composition, high quality of brickwork and a variety of decorative elements characterize this architectural memorial. In formulating the rich church design, glazed tile, painting and local produced figured brick (the main decorative material) were used.

There are some deviations from traditional canons of church architecture: side chapels are equal in height with the main building of the cathedral and are topped with five-domes instead of a hipped roof. This gives the visual effect of the fifteenth-domed cathedral. The Holy Gates, built at the same period, are situated at the central axis of the church. The belfry was built later, at the end of the 17th - beginning of the 18th centuries.

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Andrew Varlamov
Miembro Plata

Latitud: 57° 36' 39" N, Longitud: 39° 51' 23" E ver »

Lugar: Russian Federation

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