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Tomada el 28/01/09
Roof as in the middle of whale ... very interesting test for pano enthusiast :-) *** D700/14-24Nikkor/NN5/18x
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Latitud: ° 0' 0" N, Longitud: ° 0' 0" E ver »

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Uhmmmm, thanks Kula. Personally it´s very interesting to know how it works the new d700, but for shure it goes perfect. Did you made adjustments or are they as you shoot the panorama?, in other words is there any postproduction as unsharp mask, noise reduction, etc.

Could you provide de iso, aperture, and few more things. Did you had chance to compare the camera noise between D700 and 5D mark II ?. It´s because I would like to see how much difference they are between them.

Thanks and sorry for so many questions!!!! :)
Por Bernard Custard Gascó | 28/01/09 - 13:20:23 GMT +0100

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