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Latitud: 55° 1' 31" N, Longitud: 82° 55' 35" E ver »

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Interesting coffee bar !!, if you edit your pano with lower zoom it would be much better because it´s very close. It look sharper if you zoom out a little bit the panorama.
Por Bernard Custard Gascó | 16/06/09 - 19:09:00 GMT +0200
Bernard ! It is hard to shot mirrors in sunny day. Of course, author has to choose position more close to Cafe Globe. Good luck !
Por Andrew | 17/06/09 - 08:54:24 GMT +0200
No, no Andrew I didn´t mean that the author choose the position near or far. I mean that he could edit at the edit panel with the minimun zoom instead 1.5 - 0.50 value o something between 1.2 or 0.50 otherwise it looks a little bit strange. But of course it´s the author option to keep it like that !!!!.

It´s very well executed !!!!!
Por Bernard Custard Gascó | 17/06/09 - 10:50:53 GMT +0200

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