The old well on the market in Sandomierz, Poland

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Tomada el 22/08/10
In the middle of the market in Sandomierz is an ancient well, located near the Renaissance town hall. The well has been used in the old days as a source of clean water for the citizens. Nowadays no one draws water from well, but it is still one of the most characteristic elements of the  Sandomierz market square.
Old Market square is a place where you can meet both tourists admiring the beauty of this unique town, and locals spending here their free time.
It was a lazy afternoon one of the last vacation days.The sun were already very low, the people passing through the market cast long shadows on the pavement of the square. The town was slowly preparing  to the evening and night-rest...
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Zbigniew Pilip
Miembro Plata

Latitud: 50° 40' 45" N, Longitud: 21° 44' 59" E ver »

Lugar: Sandomierz, Poland

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