Iosifo-Volotsky monastery, outside the walls. Russia

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Andrey Ilyin

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Lugar: Russian Federation

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Iosifo-Volotsky monastery, bell tower. Russia

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Iosifo-Volotsky monastery is located in 100 kilometers from Moscow. In the 15th and 16th century, it was one of the most authoritative and wealthy...

Uspensky Cathedral, Iosifo-Volotsky Monastery, Russia

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Uspensky Cathedral, built in 1688-1696 in place of the earlier stone cathedral of the 15th century, combines traditional Russian architecture with...

Night life in Asuan, Egypt

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After sunset the life on the streets of Asuan is getting busy. People are sitting at the small tables drinking sweet tea, smoking shisha or playing...

Asuan water reserve, Asuan, Egypt

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Asuan water reserve can be called a treasure of Egypt - it's huge dam produces a major amount of electricity consumed in this 140+ million country...

Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt

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Bibliotheca Alexandrina - one of the major libraries in Egypt, the center of it's cultural life. Located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea in...

Square in Luxor, Egypt

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A row of ancient cabs stands awaiting the passengers on the square in the center of Luxor while traditional gharry wanders around seeking for...

The Necropolis of Donskoy monastery, Moscow


This necropolis is one of the oldest in Moscow and definitely the most interesting. Некрополь Донского монастыря - один из старейших,...

In the operation room of an eye clinic

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This panorama is one of a series shot for  virtual tour for the web site of ophthalmology clinic. I was enjoying while doing this work,  it...

Skating rink on Red Square

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Ain't in great to skate on Red Square in the croud of young, bright and fun :) Another pano from here, the process of ice cooking -...

Kaspian Sea, Aktau coast

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Alternative title of this pano - "The fall of Ikar"

Oil field ”Zhetybay” developed by the oil company KazMunayGas

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View at the oil field from the height 25 meters.

Christmas tree in Kremlin, the decoration

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Every year The Christmas tree is erected on the Sobornaya (Cathedral) Square in Kremlin, the very center of Moscow. This event invariably attracts...

Circus Show with HUGE bear

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Moscow Nikulin Circus is famous all over the World by it's first class performances.

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