Museum of Art and History (entrance 1st floor)

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Tomada el 27/05/10
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Nikon D700 + Nikon 10.5 shaved


4 Shots at 5°, 1 shot for Nadir

Latitud: 46° 11' 57" N, Longitud: 6° 9' 5" E ver »

Lugar: Genève, Switzerland

Panorámicas de Jean-Pierre Scherrer

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Manaira Beach, Joao Pessoa, Brazil


I shot this one at Manaira Beach, in front of the MEG Shopping Center !

Tambaba Beach #1 , in Paraiba, Brazil

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This has been shot right next to one of the rare nudist beaches in Brazil !

Trattoria Appetito


Another trial (with 5 pics bracketed)



This is a trial of 3 bracketed pictures (to get the background correctly visible), with "yours truly" appearing 4 times !



This panorama was shot setting my tripod on the dining-room table

Praça Joao Pessoa


Also known as "the Three Powers Square", it is is located in between the head offoces of the executive, legislative and judicial powers statewide....

PC Room....




Parvis of São Francisco Church

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This is the parvis of the São Francisco Church of João Pessoa, Parïba, Brazil ! The two walls on the sides are decorated with "azulejos" portugese !

Golden chapel in the Igreja de São Francisco in João Pessoa, Paraïba, Brazil

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This is the "Golden Chapel" in one of the oldest church in Brazil. The Carmelite order arrived in the Paraïba area  in the XVI century and they...

Sergio's appartment

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Dining and living-room

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For this panorama, in order to get details in the brightest part, e.g. out the windows, I had to use "bracket" technique ! This consists in...

Parc des Bastions, Reformation Wall and Geneva's old University


This is the "Parc des Bastions", in which the "Reformation Wall" is, as well as the old University of Geneva, founded in 1559 by Jean Calvin, one...

Place du Marché in Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland

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This is the Market Place (Place du Marché) in Carouge, a city next to Geneva City. It's an old city that was part of the Duchy of Sardinia. The...

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