Mauzoleum, Wałbrzych, Poland

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Canon 350D + samyang 8mm + HMPH


Enfuse ldr + hugin + gimp

Latitud: 50° 45' 53" N, Longitud: 16° 17' 49" E ver »

Lugar: Wałbrzych, Poland

Panorámicas de Wojciech Połowczuk

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Old roman road, Risan, Montenegro

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This road was builded by Romans in the times of Roman Empire. Some of the buildings in Risan are still abandoned  after the last earthquake in 1979.

Wachtower of the Cisy Castle


Do not like winter? Just go to and change the season - interface is in polish, but it should not be...

Mauzoleum, Wałbrzych, Poland


The mauzoleum was built  in 1936–1938, project by Robert Tischler. After the World War II it fell into ruin.

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