After a sandstorm on Erciyes mountain, Turkey

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Tomada el 25/08/08
The Erciyes Dag (3916m), an extinct volcano south of Kayseri, is the highest mountain in central Anatolia. After two days with sandstorm the sky was full of dust, even here in 2850m above sea level. The mountain top at the end of the valley is hardly visible. Up to the valley here is a path, but from the end of the valley to the top, you have to find the way yourself. Here you have to climb up some screeslopes, all the time aware of stones, falling down from the rocks. The air becomes thin, the lack of oxygene makes you feel exhausted - and the next day makes you feel your muscle ache...
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Latitud: 38° 32' 3" N, Longitud: 35° 28' 51" E ver »

Lugar: Turkey

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