Sümbüllü Kilise, outside, Cappadocia

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Tomada el 16/08/10
The Ihlara Valley is a deep canyon, cut into the rock by the small river Melendiz Suyu. Inside the valley is the small river and a lot of greenery. The walls of the valley contain many cave churches, chapels and monastries. Some of them with colourful wallpaintings of different styles. One of the best preserved chapels is the Sümbüllü Kilise (hyzinth church), which is also a rare example for an architectonic outside.
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Latitud: 38° 15' 16" N, Longitud: 34° 18' 4" E ver »

Lugar: Turkey

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

What a beautiful setting! wonderful pano :)
Por Henry Alvarez | 23/06/11 - 03:40:59 GMT +0200
Thank you Henry. Do you remember that I promised there are more images of Cappadocia? There are still some more.
Por Heiner Straesser | 23/06/11 - 13:21:49 GMT +0200
I see, It seems to be full of amazing places, and no doub your panos reflect them in a most beautiful way, Thank you for taking us all there!
Por Henry Alvarez | 24/06/11 - 11:04:48 GMT +0200

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