My Home: Test Big Tripod at Night

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Tomada el 03/12/09
My Home: Test Big Tripod at Night
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Vorapoj Songcharoen
Miembro Oro

Latitud: 13° 52' 33" N, Longitud: 100° 37' 28" E ver »

Lugar: Thailand

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Wow, that tripod must be BIG! Now I wonder, what's the purpose of all those bottles around the cars and other things?
Por Enrique Alvarez | 04/12/09 - 23:35:49 GMT +0100
Yes, my tripod is fusion of Big Agnos and my Speaker stand. So I can make a night shot with low speed. Wow you really have a sharp eyes, Those Coke bottles for protecting my dogs from pee on the car (esp. tiles)
Por Poj Songcharoen | 05/12/09 - 09:45:45 GMT +0100
Hi Poj,
you should take a look at : ; , it seems mikroCopter will replace pano pole in few times for aerial panos and may be it will replace tripod too  ;-)
Por David | 13/12/09 - 10:43:40 GMT +0100

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