Old Royal Naval College Greenwich, London, UK - View further away from the River Thames

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Tomada el 27/06/13
The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London is a World Heritage Site and is, according to UNESCO, the “finest and most dramatically sited architectural and landscape ensemble in the British Isles”. You can also see the buildings of Canary Wharf across the River. I also have another Panorama on viewAt that was shot at a point about halfway to the River Thames from this location.

This image is taken a fairly short distance downstream from the Cutty Sark, of which I took the photographs for a Panorama on the same day and that is available here too.  The Greeny-White Domed building across the River is the North Entrance to one of the two free foot Tunnels under the River Thames, the South Entrance of which is well seen in my Cutty Sark Panorama.
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Latitud: 51° 28' 58" N, Longitud: -0° 0' 18" E ver »

Lugar: United Kingdom

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Sorry to be nitpicking here because the overall panorama is really nice.
Just wanted to say since you are doing Raw processing anyway you might want to correct the chromatic aberration. It is quite obvious on the columns with purple and green fringing.
Por Barcud Revnik | 04/07/13 - 19:44:35 GMT +0200
I did enable CA fixing in DXO but as it doesn't have a lens profile it doesn't do a great job, if they don't add one soon I may use Lightroom more for Panoramas (currently it's 7:1 for DXO). I wasn't that fussed about the CA here as it's only annoying (to me) when I'm zoomed in past the point where the detail starts to go.
Por John Michael Leslie | 04/07/13 - 20:20:39 GMT +0200
Update - I talked to DXO and they confirmed they have an issue and it's not just me being stupid (nice to know!). On the up side they will use an image from this Pano set as part of the work fixing it. I may do a Lightroom version if I have some free time and see how it turns out...
Por John Michael Leslie | 05/07/13 - 23:13:27 GMT +0200

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