Hungerford Bridge over the River Thames, view upstream at a busy moment

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Tomada el 27/09/13
Hungerford Bridge in Central London was (and still is) a Railway Bridge, but has had Foot Bridges added on both sides, giving a choice of view as you cross the River.

Looking upstream we can see the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Bridge, the London Eye and the Bronze Eagle of the Royal Air Force Memorial.  On the North-West Bank Charing Cross Station can be seen, where the Railway terminates (it also houses a Tube Station for ongoing journeys). Downstream it's mostly Railway Bridge with a train heading into Charing Cross Station.

This was stitched together from 6 images, unlike the other Hungerford Bridge panorama which took 10. However this took ten times as long to do with all the movement and the complexity of the shooting.  It's also part of a mini-project with another panorama also shot on Hungerford Bridge. I actually spent two days shooting on the Bridge trying to get Panoramas that had both artistic and technical content and am putting two up that I like, so people can see which they personally like and also the sorts of decisions I make when shooting and stitching. For this one I threw everything I had planned to at it and a little bit more, there are boats moving upstream, a boat under the Bridge, a Train on the Bridge and lots of people having fun in London. (BTW both panoramas come from the same day's shooting, the first day mostly showed me I needed to come up with a different approach to cope with all the parallax issues, which is why both Panoramas used extra pictures than the 4-5 I'd normally use.)
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Latitud: 51° 30' 21" N, Longitud: -0° 7' 15" E ver »

Lugar: United Kingdom

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Congratulations John! Well done!
Por Wilfried Glocar | 27/10/13 - 18:17:18 GMT +0100
Thank you, I really appreciate hearing from anyone who enjoyed my work!
Por John Michael Leslie | 27/10/13 - 19:23:10 GMT +0100

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