Holy Chalice Chapel, Valencia Cathedral, Spain.

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Architect Pere Compte (also author of La Lonja of Valencia) built the corridor to the old hall in 1496 when the nave was extended so as to link the Bell Tower and the Chapter House.

The entrance door has a gothic portal carved by Pere Balaguer in 1424On one side of the corridor, one can see the funeral monument of the bishop Vidal de Planes, author of the Chapter House and The Adoration of the Shepherds (1472) a painting in fresco (now on canvas) by Lorenzo Pagano de Neapoli and Paolo de San Leocadio, placed in the Chapter House. It had been the proof for the decoration of the Great Chapel.

In the chapel, it is contemplated St Michael’s altarpiece (early 16th century), by Vincent Macip. It has the classical structure of 14th and 15th century altarpieces though the paintings express the transition to the Renaissance.

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Latitud: 39° 28' 30" N, Longitud: -0° 22' 30" E ver »

Lugar: Valencia, Spain

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