Dundas Square

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Dundas Square in Toronto, Canada.
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Latitud: 43° 39' 21" N, Longitud: 79° 22' 49" W ver »

Lugar: Toronto, Canada

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If you navigate to just the south of the southeast corner of Yonge and Dundas, you'll see a person walking and half a taxicab appearing in front of him and the other half of the cab is not visible.  Bizarre, it seems as if the car is just appearing out of thin air!
Por Daniel | 28/04/08 - 09:33:26 GMT +0200
Ah, those Canadian cabs! What can you say!
Por Mick | 01/05/08 - 01:00:39 GMT +0200
Kewl you shloud come up with that. Excellent!
Por EMvbejKg | 14/12/11 - 02:45:51 GMT +0100

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