Metro station ”Kirovsky Zavod” (1955)

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Metro station "Kirovsky Zavod" was opened on November 15, 1955. It is a deep-laid station of columnar type (the depth is 50 m). Underground part of station was built upon the project of the architect Alexander Kuzmich Andreev and the engineer O.V.Ivanova. The theme of its decorating is socialistic industry development. The hall is lined with smoky gray Caucasian marble "Svaneti". At the end wall of the central hall the Lenin’s bust is placed (the sculptor is Nickolay Vasilievich Didikin).
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Andrew Varlamov
Miembro Plata

Latitud: 59° 52' 46" N, Longitud: 30° 15' 42" E ver »

Lugar: Russian Federation

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