Reaktor 1 - hall - another view

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Tomada el 27/05/08
An industrial hall 20 meters underground Stockholms Royal Institute of Technology
A scientific nuclear reactor was in use here between 1954 until late 1960 s
Now defunct and used recently as modern dance scene.
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Latitud: 59° 21' 0" N, Longitud: 18° 4' 4" E ver »

Lugar: Sweden

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Jann very original and good quality panos, one question for you, what are the numbers for?, because they are around all the building. It´s the first time i have been inside a nuclear reactor. Many thanks for show it us !!!
Por Bernard | 31/05/08 - 17:46:51 GMT +0200
It looks like those grids and numbers were used after the reactor was removed and the room was carefully examined
for traces of radiation .
Por Jann Lipka | 06/06/08 - 20:56:59 GMT +0200

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