Grand Bazaar, Isfahan(Qeysarriyeh Bazaar)

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Esfahan's great market known as GHEISARIEH BAZAAR is located in the northern side of NAGHSHE JAHAN SQUARE. This bazaar with a length of 2500 meters and width of 4 to 7 meters and height of 4 to 8 meters runs from the northeastern axis of the square to the ATIGH MOSQUE. Foundation of this great market goes back to Shah Abbas Safavi I era and its masterful architecture belongs to Ali Akbar Esfahani. Various branches of this bazaar are allocated to different professions and businesses. Main parts of the GHEISARIEH BAZAAR include shops, arcades, warehouses, caravanserais and passageways. Within this covered market, there are also tens of mosques, religious schools and baths. In the middle of the market, there are two great and beautiful passageways with high domes decorated by tiles and plasters called GHEISARIEH and CHITSAZHA. The GHEISARIEH BAZAAR façade bears paintings of Shah Abbas engaged in hunting and warfare. It also has images of GHOUS TOWER which represents the historical city of Esfahan.
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Latitud: 32° 39' 40" N, Longitud: 51° 40' 35" E ver »

Lugar: Isfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

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