Bowling Ball Yard Art - Nowata, OK

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Latitud: 36° 42' 5" N, Longitud: 95° 38' 16" W ver »

Lugar: Nowata, United States

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Very interesting. I am just not entirely sure about the location that is show on the map - seems a lot more urban than the panorama itself.
Por Barcud Revnik | 05/06/13 - 15:34:57 GMT +0200
Yes, I agree with you Barcud.  That's because there is no physical address given when I used the Roadside America app on my iPhone to get there. There is also no physical address given on the website.

However, Chris Barbee's team is smart. They posted directions to the installation on their website which is available here:

If you go, please tell Chris "Hi" for me and be sure to take lots of pics (or it didn't happen! :)

Tanja Barnes
Por Tanja Barnes | 05/06/13 - 15:57:54 GMT +0200

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