Portraits of the Garden Exhibit at Sturt Haaga Gallery - Descanso Gardens, LaCanada-Flintridge, California

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Más información en: http://descansogardens.org

Equipo utilizado:

Canon T1i, Canon 8-15mm, 360Precision Atome, Oben ACM-2400L, PTGui, Photoshop CS5

Latitud: 34° 12' 4" N, Longitud: 118° 12' 35" W ver »

Lugar: United States

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Hi Tanja,

have you considered doing that with a like 50mm lens? That would mean it gets properly into Gigapixel panorma territory but you could post it for free on gigapan and you could zoom into single pictures.
Just asking because I hope to do something like that in the future - providing the museum is actually interested.

Have fun,
Por Bernd Kronmueller | 30/03/14 - 18:25:57 GMT +0200
Wow...a gigapixel! I'm starting to feel like an athlete that's attempting to move beyond their known abilities!  

I have a 50mm.  I checked Frank Van der Pol's Panorama Production Calculator for 1.6 crop and found that I need 28 shots in portrait or 19 shots in landscape.

It got me thinking: I've never shot in landscape. For a 360 spherical, does it matter whether it's portrait or landscape besides the number of shots?
Por Tanja Barnes | 30/03/14 - 19:31:39 GMT +0200
No, landscape or portrait doesn't matter. All that matters is the nodal point. I started with some Gigapan panoramas because I only had a Sony DSC R1 camera and buit myself a Nodal head. I ended up quite often with about 50 images (4 rows of 12 portrait shots) and that was not even full spherical - but as long as the nodal point is OK I never really had problems stitching them.
I sort of have given up on them because for landscape I just don't think it is worth the effort but perhaps for a gallery or a museum it might actually be worth it.
Just an idea to keep you busy ;-)
Por Bernd Kronmueller | 31/03/14 - 14:49:12 GMT +0200
Thank ou very much, Bernd!  I appreciate this information and I'm always looking to master other techniques -- especially ones that will improve the resolution!
Por Tanja Barnes | 01/04/14 - 18:43:45 GMT +0200
Look at him (I think it is a him) - http://www.ecliptique.com/v2012/ - you can even read the books on the table and which books are in the shelves.
I came across the panoramas looking for info on how to do proper multiresolution in krpano and that is one of the most impressive examples I have seen.

Good Luck
Por Bernd Kronmueller | 01/04/14 - 21:55:13 GMT +0200
Wow! That's AMAZING!  I can even see what brand printer they use! I'm guessing that's a pole setup, too?  That's really incredible.
Por Tanja Barnes | 03/04/14 - 07:55:30 GMT +0200

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