Jisp town hall (1650 A.D.)

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The characteristic village of Jisp is situated in the middle of the Wormer- en Jisperveld, a large nature reserve in the north-westhern part of the Netherlands where many special species of birds live. In this quiet village (about 1130 inhabitants) you will notice the many small bridges, connecting the main road with the yard of the houses. Jisp only has two main roads, Weiver and Dorpsstraat. One of the few other streets is Walvischstraat (Whale street). Jisp used to be a very important whaling village. In the 17th century the village had its own whaling vessel and there were over ten try houses.
The oldest building in Jisp is the small town hall, dated 1650. Once this building was used as a weigh house, a court house and an office for the care of orphans. Now it's a popular place for weddings.
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Lugar: Netherlands

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