Millennium Bridge, London

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Tomada el 06/09/15
The Millennium Bridge crosses the River Thames between St. Paul's Cathedral and the Tate Modern Art Museum.
Looking around many sites can be seen, including Tower Bridge (downstream), the Walkie-Talkie and Shard buildings, Blackfriers Station (on the next bridge upstream) and the Globe Theatre (with a couple of trees partly obscuring it). The tide is fairly low (there is a 7m range around this point) so a fair bit of foreshore is visible.

Also note you can see a couple of small paintings on the bridge surface. These are done by the artist known as "the chewing gum man" as he paints on chewing gum, which means he can't be done for painting on the bridge. (One of the newer ones even has text provided by yours truly.) There are also padlocks on the wires from people who were in love at that point-in-time.

BTW One of the reasons I haven't published that many panoramas recently is the sheer amount of work this one took put me off (freehand, lots of parallax, plus look down for the floor pattern), however I have now completed it and I hope people will enjoy it.
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