In the city without my car day in Montreal

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Tomada el 22/09/08
Part of the day (!) of September 22, there are some streets closed to cars to promote other green and public transportation means.
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Latitud: 45° 30' 13" N, Longitud: 73° 34' 9" W ver »

Lugar: Canada

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Great photo Jean, the man of the bike it´s looking you at a funny way, jajajajaja. It seems like everyone was looking at you doing this photo. :)
Por Bernard | 23/09/08 - 08:54:59 GMT +0200
No wonder everybody looks towards him:  He was flying when he took this picture. Next thing to learn to improve my skills doing panos: how to levitate. Jean-Pierre, how do you do this? you stroll around with a stair on your back?
Por Enrique Alvarez | 24/09/08 - 09:21:45 GMT +0200

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