Zocalo de la Ciudad de Puebla; México

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Tomada el 18/10/08
Zocalo de la Ciudad De Puebla; México
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Latitud: 19° 2' 35" N, Longitud: 98° 11' 54" W ver »

Lugar: Mexico

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Contemporary Mayan Sculpture with  waterpainting effect, Riviera Maya, Mexico

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This is just an attempt to apply  photoshop filters on an image.

Por CAZENAVE Stéphane

Vendors  at the entrance of CHichen Itza Archaelologic Site, Yucatan, Mexico


There are dozens of vendors  at the entrance and along the pathes of the site. One can  find Mayan artefacts, potteries,  woven  items, Tshirts,...

Por CAZENAVE Stéphane

Coba, Mayan pre-hispanic site, Yucatan, Mexico


Do you see the coati? It's a little  diurn mammal, currently living in Central America, also named "white nosed coati". It  reminds me of racoons,...

Por CAZENAVE Stéphane

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