Cichén Itzá: Pirámide de Kukulcán

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Tomada el 08/10/09
Sin trípode. Handheld: no tripods allowed on historical sites in Mexico
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Latitud: 20° 41' 0" N, Longitud: 88° 34' 6" W ver »

Lugar: Mexico

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Buen trabajo Enrique felicidades!
Por José María Moreno Santiago | 18/10/09 - 04:34:17 GMT +0200
Por Enrique Alvarez | 18/10/09 - 13:00:20 GMT +0200
Muy buena panorámica!
Por Iban Borràs | 19/10/09 - 00:39:59 GMT +0200
I found it. Incredible amount of great Panos! Grass is really one of the best grounds for hand-held shooting and you managed it perfect. It would have been very sad if you had to return home without these pictures. Saludos!
Por Wilfried Glocar | 15/05/13 - 11:14:35 GMT +0200
Thank you Wilfried, yes, it was my last day in Mexico, and I was informed I had to ask for permision to use tripod and wait for bureaucracy to move, maybe some  weeks in case they could say I tried to do may best by handheld.. :D
Por Henry Alvarez | 15/05/13 - 11:20:56 GMT +0200
There is mostly a certain address to get a permit. But like you described, it ends up with a packet of bureaucrazy. That's a fun brake, but we will still get some more views without it...
Por Wilfried Glocar | 16/05/13 - 04:27:10 GMT +0200

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